Ford Car Alarm Wiring Diagrams

Ford alarm wiring diagrams containing Ford wiring colors and wire locations to install a car alarm. Every Ford alarm wiring chart contains information provided by other Ford owners, so you can be sure that the alarm wire information is accurate and up-to-date.

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104 thoughts on “Ford Car Alarm Wiring Diagrams”

  1. I need an alarm/keyless entry diagram for a 2014 Taurus/Interceptor. Also need to know what type of locking system the vehicle has.

  2. looking for detailed wiring diagram for viper 5704 car alarm with remote start for 2005 ford explorer limited edition.

  3. I’m having an issue with my aftermarket car alarm with my 2002 ford focus zx5, can you please share a wiring diagram?

  4. Chris, as much as we would like to help you, not all car alarms are installed the same way. Different brands and different setups will call for different wiring. Some alarm systems have external shock sensors which can be adjusted externally. Some alarm systems have built in shock sensors which can only be adjusted via alarm programming. It should not take more than 30 minutes from start to finish to adjust it. Our advice is to take your car to a qualified alarm installer and ask them to adjust your shock sensor because it does take some wiring knowledge and experience to know what to do. Hope this helps. Good luck on your 2002 Ford Explorer alarm troubleshooting.

  5. MC, as much as we would like to help you, most of the car stereo amplifier wiring information listed on our website is provided by our visitors. We currently do not have the 1979 Ford F100 stereo wiring information but hopefully someone from our knowledgeable Modified Life community would be able to chime in and help you out.

  6. Can have a Alarm / Remote Start wiring diagram for a 2004 Ford F-150 FX4 (New shape), Please as I will be trying to install a Viper 5901. Thanks for your time. Ollie :)

  7. I am looking for the Wire Diagram for a 2006 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer so that I can replace/repair my Factory Alarm System. Thank you

  8. Hello ModifiedLife Team, you had 3 out of 4 diagrams I needed and I would like to request the missing one. I need a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT standard cab wiring diagram for the car alarm. I think I looked fairly well on the site for it and I am not sure if it is close to the 1995 diagram. Please let me know when you can. Thanks again for your great site and hard work. Have a great holiday and New Year to you and your families.

  9. I see all but what I need; Alarm wiring for my 1996 F-150 XLT. So I am asking for the alarm wiring for a 1996 Ford F-150 XLT Please. Thanks A Lot!

  10. i need a wiring diagram for a 2007 ford five hundred limited it has a factory alarm so i need to know where to hook in the factory bypass for a car security/remote start

  11. Wiring diagram for a 1998 ford mustang. I am going to hook-up an alarm and remote start system. Thanks in advance.

  12. I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 2002 Ford Taurus to aid in installing a remote starter….any help would be appreciated….thanks, Robert

  13. This is a great site. Thanks to all who put this together. I’m looking for a remote start wiring diagram for a 2007 escape. THANKS!

  14. i was just wondering if you can help i am installing a remote starter/alarm in a 2005-2006 ford freestyle. It would really help if you had a wiring diagram for a ford freestyle. Thank- you

  15. Hi i’m looking for the wire diagram for installing a after market alarm/starter combo on a 1999 ford explorer xlt. thanks, Jason

  16. I am looking for car alarm wiring info for a 2000 Ford Escort ZX-2 so I can install the Avital 2100. Thanks in advance for any help.

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