Volvo Bulb Sizes Charts

Our complete Volvo bulb size charts show you all bulb sizes, locations, and types. Each Volvo bulb chart lists information from hands on experience or provided by our community that is verified. That’s why you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate Volvo bulb size information.

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2 thoughts on “Volvo Bulb Sizes Charts”

  1. Andrew, your 2004 Volvo V70R Wagon already comes with a Bi-Xenon HID kit which already provides you with the brightest visibility possible. If you want even more visibility, we recommend you replace your factory fog light bulbs with a HID kit upgrade to provide more light. Here is the HID kit you will need:

    HID Fog Light Upgrade Kit for 2004 Volvo V70R Wagon

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your 2004 Volvo V70R Wagon fog light upgrade.

  2. I have OEM bi-xenon headlights in my 2004 volvo v70r turbo wagon. I want to replace the bulbs with the brightest bulbs I can, but I do not want to install anything but bulbs. No HID, no nothing. Please advise.

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