Scion Car Alarm Wiring Diagrams

Scion alarm wiring diagrams containing Scion wiring colors and wire locations to install a car alarm. Every Scion alarm wiring chart contains information provided by other Scion owners, so you can be sure that the alarm wire information is accurate and up-to-date.

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2 thoughts on “Scion Car Alarm Wiring Diagrams”

  1. Bryant, different alarms have different options. Some car alarms may have an option that will not flash the lights when arming and disarming the alarm but it has to be programmed by your alarm installer. Some car alarms may have an option where you can arm and disarm your vehicle without flashing the parking lights by using more than one button on your car alarm remote. Other car alarms do not have an option to do this. Our advice is to take your car to a qualified alarm installer and ask them to check which alarm is installed in your vehicle and ask them if no flashing the parking lights is possible. Hope this helps. Good luck with your Scion car alarm programming.

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