1998 Honda Accord Diagnostic Check Engine Trouble Codes

One of the most time consuming tasks with diagnosing an engine problem is identifying the broken, faulty or failing car part on your 1998 Honda Accord to begin the repair process. Diagnosing problems with automotive components in 1998 Honda Accord vehicles are becoming increasing more complicated due to advancing automotive technologies and electronics.

Whether your an 1998 Honda Accord master mechanic, a 1998 Honda Accord fan or a novice 1998 Honda Accord enthusiast, having an OBD2 diagnostic code reader, OBDII trouble code reader or ODB trouble code scanner with a list of check engine codes or auto trouble codes can save yourself a lot of time. Pinpointing a specific car part problem is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons on your automotive scanner.

The Modified Life staff has taken all its 1998 Honda Accord check engine codes, 1998 Honda Accord diagnostic codes and 1998 Honda Accord trouble codes and cataloged them online for use by our Modified Life visitors for free. Our check engine codes allow you easily diagnose any problems with your 1998 Honda Accord.

Feel free to use any 1998 Honda Accord auto trouble code that is listed on Modified Life but keep in mind that all information here is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind and most of the diagnostic codes listed on our enthusiast website are submitted by the Modified Life community. Use of the 1998 Honda Accord auto trouble codes information is at your own risk. Always verify all check engine codes before applying any information found here to your 1998 Honda Accord.


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1998 Honda Accord ODB2 Check Engine CEL Codes

P0106 MAP Circuit Range Or Performance
P0107 MAP Circuit Low Input
P0108 MAP Circuit High Input
P0111 IAT Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0112 IAT Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0113 IAT Sensor Circuit High Input
P0116 ECT Circuit Range Or Performance
P0117 ECT Circuit Low Input
P0118 ECT Circuit High Input
P0122 TP Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0123 TP Sensor Circuit High Input
P0131 Primary HO2S Circuit Low Voltage (Sensor 1)
P0132 Primary HO2S Circuit High Voltage (Sensor 1)
P0133 Primary HO2S Circuit Slow Response (Sensor 1)
P0135 Front HO2S Heater Circuit Fault (Sensor 1)
P0137 Secondary HO2S Circuit Low Voltage (Sensor 2)
P0138 Secondary HO2S Circuit High Voltage (Sensor 2)
P0139 Secondary HO2S Circuit Slow Response (Sensor 2)
P0141 Secondary HO2S Heater Circuit Fault (Sensor 2)
P0171 System Too Lean
P0172 System Too Rich
P0300 Random Misfire
P0301 Misfire Cyl. 1 Or Random Misfire
P0302 Misfire Cyl. 2 Or Random Misfire
P0303 Misfire Cyl. 3 Or Random Misfire
P0304 Misfire Cyl. 4 Or Random Misfire
P0305 Misfire Cyl. 5 Or Random Misfire
P0306 Misfire Cyl. 6 Or Random Misfire
P0325 KS Circuit Malfunction
P0335 CKP Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0336 CKP Sensor Range/Performance
P0401 EGR Insufficient Flow Detected
P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
P0441 EVAP Emission Control System Improper Purge Flow
P0451 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Range/Performance
P0452 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0453 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
P0500 VSS Circuit Malfunction (M/T)
P0501 VSS Circuit Range/Performance (A/T)
P0505 ICS Malfunction
P0560 Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Backup Voltage Circuit Low Voltage
P0700, P0715, P0720, P0725, P0730, P0740, P0753, P0758, P0763, P0780 70 A/T Concerns
P1106 BARO Circuit Range/Performance
P1107 BARO Circuit Low Input
P1108 BARO Circuit High Input
P1121 Throttle Position Lower Than Expected
P1122 Throttle Position Higher Than Expected
P1128 MAP Lower Than Expected
P1129 MAP Higher Than Expected
P1149 Primary HO2S (Sensor 1) Circuit Range/Performance Problem
P1162 Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Malfunction
P1163 Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Slow Response
P1164 Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Range/Performance
P1165 Primary HO2S (No. 1) Circuit Range/Performance
P1166 Primary HO2S (No. 1) Heater System Electrical
P1167 Primary HO2S (No. 1) Heater System
P1168 Primary HO2S (No. 1) LABEL Low Input
P1169 Primary HO2S (No. 1) LABEL High Input
P1253 VTEC System Malfunction
P1257, P1258, P1259 22 VTEC System Malfunction
P1297 Electrical Load Detector Circuit Low Input
P1298 Electrical Load Detector Circuit High Input
P1300 Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
P1336 CSF Sensor Intermittent Interruption
P1337 CSF Sensor No Signal
P1359 CKP/TDC Sensor Connector Disconnection
P1361 TDC Sensor Intermittent Interruption
P1362 TDC Sensor No Signal
P1366 TDC Sensor No. 2 Intermittent Interruption
P1367 TDC Sensor No 2 Signal
P1381 Cylinder Position Sensor Intermittent Interruption
P1382 Cylinder Position Sensor No Signal
P1456 EVAP Emission Control System Leak Detected (Fuel Tank System)
P1457 EVAP Emission Control System Leak Detected (Control Canister System)
P1459 EVAP Emission Purge Flow Switch Malfunction
P1486 Thermostat Range/Performance Problem
P1491 EGR Valve Lift Insufficient Detected
P1498 EGR Valve Lift Sensor High Voltage
P1508 IAC Valve Circuit Failure
P1509 IAC Valve Circuit Failure
P1519 Idle Air Control Valve Circuit Failure
P1607 ECM/PCM Internal Circuit Failure A
P1655 SEAF/SEFA/TMA/TMB Signal Line Failure
P1660 A/T FI Signal A Circuit Failure
P1676 FPTDR Signal Line Failure
P1678 FPTDR Signal Line Failure
P1681 A/T FI Signal A Low Input
P1682 A/T FI Signal A High Input
P1686 A/T FI Signal B Low Input
P1687 A/T FI Signal B High Input
P1705, P1706, P1738, P1739, P1753, P1758, P1768, P1773, P1785, P1786, P1790, P1791, P1792, P1793, P1794 70 A/T Concerns
P1870, P1873, P1879, P1885, P1886, P1888, P1890, P1891 70 A/T Concerns

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