Don Holladay’s Turbocharged 2004 Nissan 350Z

One of the hardest aspects to consider when choosing a car is picking a platform that suits you and that you can make your own. The truth of the matter is, we all want something that’s going to turn heads and make people talk. When the new 2004 Nissan 350z debuted with an award-winning VQ Series 3.5 liter V6 engine, a close-ratio 6 speed manual transmission, sleek styling and wide stance, Don had found his canvas.

There are plenty of people believe that there is no replacement for displacement so you would think that 287 horsepower from three and a half liters would be enough for most people but Don Holladay is not most people. To show the true potential of the VQ35DE engine, Don opted for an APS Single Turbo Kit and an APS Front Mount Intercooler which provided huge outright horsepower and significantly higher torque in the low to mid engine rpm range. A Stainless Steel Kinetix SSV Plenum was bolted on to maximize plenum efficiency and an APS Dual 2.5″ Exhaust was installed to maximize exhaust flow.

The benefits of a boosted engine can be undone by the amount of heat the engine produces. Knowing this, Don outfitted his Nissan with a host of aftermarket cooling parts which include a NX Intercooler Sprayer, an Aquamist Water Methanol Injection System, a Koyo Aluminum Radiator, Samco Hoses, Pi-Thon Hose Locks and a Greddy Aluminum Radiator Panel. The engine is also monitored by an Innovative Wideband Air Fuel Gauge and an Autometer Boost Gauge.

The forced induction power produced would prove useless if it didn’t transfer to the blacktop efficiently so a 3.36 differential with a viscous limited slip differential was installed in the gearbox. Traction is also aided by massive 19″ Stern ST-2 wheels wrapped in 255/35/19 Toyo T1Rs in the front and 295/35/19 Toyo T1Rs in the rear.

To really make heads turn, Don went all out when making the exterior of his Z unique. He decked out his Nissan with an Amuse FRP Replica Front Bumper, Veilside Rear Bumper, GReddy Side Skirts, Nismo Rear Spoiler, ViS Fuzion Carbon Fiber Hood, Carbon Fiber Pillars, Carbon Fiber Mirror Overlays, Aluminum Stub Antenna, Zignalz and 2006 LED Tailights. Necessary interior electronics include an Eclipse AVN-2454 Navigation DVD System, an Infinity Basslink Subwoofer and an Escort X50 8500 Radar Detector to keep an eye on his enemies.

The 350z may offer excellent handling due to a 4 wheel independent multilink suspension and 53/47 front to rear weight balance but there’s always room for improvement. Don swapped out his factory tuned suspension for a set of Tein Basic Coilovers, added Stillen Rear Camber Adjusts and bolted on a Stillen Front Strut Bar to make the Z feel like it’s riding on rails. To help stop this monster, Don installed some Stillen Slotted Rotors and Hawk HPS Brake Pads.

The combination of these parts produces an impressive tire shredding 445 rear wheel horsepower and 505 lb ft of torque. Most people are more than content when they reach numbers like that but like we said before, “Don is not most people”. At this moment, Don is currently working on a shortblock from BuiltZMotors with Arias ED 9:1 Pistons, Pauter Rods, ARP Studs, HKS Head Gasket, JWT S1 Cams, Dual ECM Mapping, Cosworth Plenum and an APS External Wastegate. He plans on boosting between 15 to 19 psi and hopes to put down 500+ rear wheel horsepower on 91 octane gasoline. The Dual ECM Mapping setup will allow Don to run 101 octane gasoline with methanol injection, which will net around 550 to 560 rear wheel horsepower.

Be sure to look out for an update feature. For now, all we have to say is “wow”.

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