Brian Jeong’s JDM 2006 Honda S2000

With the demise of many mid level rear wheel drive sports cars like the MR2 and 240SX, there was a void that needed to be filled. Honda stepped up to the plate and brought us the S2000. Even before it’s launch on American soil it became one of the most anticipated rear wheel drive roadsters. It’s high revving engine, clean Japanese inspired design, high level of performance for the price and agile chassis made it a force to be reckoned with. Brian Jeong knew this from the moment he decided to pick one up. He also decided to do something many enthusiasts can only dream to do.. go straight JDM.

Brian opted for a balance of style and subtlety when he approached his grand prix white exterior. He added a Mugen Front Splitter and Mugen FRP Hardtop to accent the already beautiful lines of his S2000 and finished the exterior with parts only a true JDM enthusiast would be able to spot. Those parts include a Spoon Short Antenna, OEM JDM Convex Driver’s Side Mirror, OEM JDM Grand Prix White Front and Rear H Emblems, OEM JDM Clear Sidemarkers and Mugen License Plate Bolts. The exterior is finished up with Bronze Mugen MF-10’s (w/ Custom Polished Lip) on all four corners, a Mugen Black MF-10 Center Caps and Mugen Black Lug Nuts and Locks.

What would a JDM exterior be without a JDM interior? Brian solved this dilemma by swapping his stock interior with a bunch of Japanese manufactured goodies. A Mugen Bucket Seat S1 is bolted to the chassis via a Mugen Seat Rail Kit which keeps him planted while shifting his Mugen 6 Speed Shift Knob at 8300 RPM. The in car electronics have been upgraded to an all Eclipse setup which includes Eclipse CD7000 Headunit, Eclipse SC 8264 6-1/2″ Component System, Eclipse EA4000 4-Channel Amp, Eclipse XA1000 Monoblock Amp, Eclipse SW7200 12″ Subwoofer. The audio system is then wired up with Monster Cable Wiring and a Modifry Dash Control Interface which allows him to use the factory dash switches to control his aftermarket head unit.

It’s hard to improve on an engine thats almost perfect but remember the key word is almost. Power modifications include a Mugen High Performance Intake System, a Mugen 2.2L Exhaust Manifold and a Mugen Sports Dual Exhaust. A Spoon Engine Torque Damper was installed to reduce engine flex in order to get the power to the ground without vibration to the chassis. To keep things cool, a Mugen Radiator Cap, an ASM Radiator Cooling Panel and a Spoon Heatshield were installed. As if there weren’t enough JDM parts under the hood thats held up by NRG Carbon Fiber Half Pressure Hood Dampers, Brian opted to keep things clean by adding a Mugen Carbon Fiber Ignition Coil Cover, a Mugen Oil Cap, two Mugen Reserve Tank Covers and Spoon Magnetic Drain Bolts.

The S2000 already has an optimal 50/50 weight distribution and has a race-inspired in-wheel suspension but there’s always room for improvement. To keep the S planted to the asphalt, the stock suspension was removed and replaced with Mugen NZ Coilovers, a Mugen 31.8mm Front Sway Bar, a Mugen 30mm Rear Sway Bar and a T1R B-Max Strut Tower Bar.

With all the JDM goodness in this vehicle, we look forward to see what else Brian’s got in store for his S Roadster. A big thanks goes out to Joseph Colliu for the great photography.

3 thoughts on “Brian Jeong’s JDM 2006 Honda S2000”

  1. i juss came.


    i have an s2k grandprix white too. this is exactly how i want my car to look in a year. so clean!! well done!

  2. this is a phenomenal car, even though i don’t have a s2k it makes me want one more. i do love hondas, especially s2k. the rear wheel drive on a Honda is amazing. and i think that mugen is a great choice of parts thank you for your time.

  3. dan i have seen some beautiful Honda before, but shit this Mugen powered s2k is Cleann. i just wonder if an s2k like this would look nice if it was right hand drive. This car makes me wanna s2000 even more they are the love of my life.

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