Baer Brake Systems Reviews

Whether you’re an auto mechanic who is considering an Baer rotors, an avid car enthusiast who likes the Baer Eradispeed, a weekend closed course racer who relies on the Baer calipers, drag strip junky who requires an Baer brake kit or car newbie thinking about installing an Baer performance part, an Baer review can save you a lot of time and trouble when choosing the right car parts for your vehicle. With so many different performance parts available on the market, deciding which auto parts, performance parts or car parts to install into your automobile can be a time consuming and confusing.

There are many questions you should be asking yourself before choosing a performance part, an aftermarket part or Baer part for your vehicle. These questions include how well does the car part fits, how good is the quality or build of the auto part, how well the performance part performs and which aftermarket car part works with other corresponding automobile parts. The best way to find out the answers to these questions is to hear other people’s experiences with these Baer parts.

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  1. Baer Brake kits (Track 4) that are supplied with spindles are composed with junk yard spindles that are worn out, beat up and completely sandblasted to include the spindle pin. To insure that I would have the proper application quality spindles used in my order, I sent my like new spindles with assurances given by their sales contacts that my components would be used. Instead they used some junk spindles with corrosion pitting, worn ball joint tapers and the bearing surfaces sandblasted and left rough on the pin surface. I never expected to receive such poor quality and sloppy workmanship from a racing component supplier. So far their response is very lacking.


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