About Us

Lead Editor – Michael

Began my career in the automotive repair industry in 1998 and transitioned into car audio and video installation in 2003. I’m currently continuing my work in the automotive industry which allows me to contribute any valuable automotive information I come across to Modified Life.

My favorite tools are my Milwaukee Cordless Impact, Snap-On Wire Strippers and Blue Point Panel Removal Tool. I’ve got my fair share of cuts on my hands and fingers from years of taking things apart or accidentally bumping into some sharp edges on cars. And yes, I have owned about a hundred 10-mm sockets in my lifetime. Still, it’s safe to say I’m a die-hard car enthusiast at heart. I’ve done almost everything from a JDM engine transplant to re-wiring a car radio to installing headrest video monitors.

Lead Data Analyst – Sam

With a degree in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science, I oversee the seamless operation of the database and verify the accuracy of automotive information in our resource. We employ various methods to validate the automotive information. While it’s no walk in the park, I always give it my all, recognizing that I’m making a positive contribution to the car community. It makes my happy knowing I’m helping a fellow car enthusiast.

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Our goal is to save you time and eliminate the stress of searching for the replacement bulb or the stereo wiring diagram you need for an install. We always aim to provide the most up to date and correct automotive information for your vehicle. We also need to pay our team and website costs so we earn money through the Amazon affiliate program. That means we may get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to If a reader returns their purchase because they’re dissatisfied, we make no affiliate commission. We think that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

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