RSR Race Lowering SpringsA car’s suspension is one of the most essential performance parts of any modified car. A true car enthusiast knows that before your car starts producing more power, it has to be able to handle that power. The only problem is figuring out which suspension upgrade to use in place of your stock suspension.

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With over 20 years of suspension tuning on the street, on the track, or in the heat of competition, RS-R has compiled knowledge and technology to deliver suspension tuning for every motor sports enthusiast. RS-R is a recognized manufacturer of performance suspension springs. RS-R has over 20 years of experience and collective data to provide the highest suspension tuning know how. Function equals intelligence, and properly lowering a vehicle ensures only the highest performance possible.

Lowering your car with RSR Race Springs combines looks, performance, and feel. Envisioning the performance enthusiast’s goal, RS-R has designed affordable lowering springs called RSR Race Springs to deliver all your needs. The RSR Race Springs provide the balance for every vehicle to ensure a comfortable ride, excellent cornering capabilities, and lowered vehicle stance. For an even higher degree of performance, RS-R has the race springs, which provide higher spring rates for improved road stability. Any way you look at it, RS-R has the lowering springs you need for the performance goals you are looking for.

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If you would like to help the Modified Life community by adding photo(s) of your RSR Race Springs or your car with RSR Race Springs installed, please feel free to email us using our contact form. Please remember to email us the year, make, model of your vehicle and which RSR Race Springs are in the photo you are sending us.

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